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Watch Out: Y2K Fashion Is Back! Here Is Your Ultimate Guide

Y2K aesthetic is a retro-futuristic style with the spirit of optimism and technological utopia. It developed at the end of the 20th century and reached a peak from 1998 to 2003. Low-resolution and low-definition computer icons and other old fashion techs from 20 years ago are adopted by Y2K aesthetic. Comparing to Cyberpunk, which showcases people’s fear and emotion, Y2K showcases positive energy.

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At first, Y2K had nothing to do with fashion, it originated from the crisis caused by a bug in the computer system. During the second half of the 20th century, programmers used only two-digit codes to represent the year to save computer storage space. For example, 1980 would only be read by computers as 80. The shortening of the date might cause a huge issue as the approach of the millennium. It was believed that on December 31, 1999, computers will go back to 1900 instead of entering the year 2000. Banking, electricity, transportation, communications, medical, government work, and other industries that rely on computers for complex calculations would be greatly affected. It caused a huge panic to the public at that time. Many people mistakenly thought that the world would collapse. Under this pressure, people began to be curious and longing for the new century. They believed that everything would get better, and prosperity will never end. Therefore fashion, architecture, music, and film at that time were combined with the futuristic and technological elements.


Y2K fashion has officially come back full force. Below are some of our picks to help your Y2K game get stronger:


1. Halter top. In 2000, halter tops were one of the favorite items of girls. because it allows them confidently show body, which is in line with the optimism in Y2K aesthetics.

2. Cropped Top. Cropped tops were very popular in 2000. At that time, almost everyone owned this kind of tight-fitting cropped tops with interesting letter prints and exaggerated patterns.

3.Leather and PVC trousers. The leather and PVC elements were widely used in the Y2K aesthetic.

4.Colored sunglasses. The wide frame colored sunglasses makes your face look smaller, it also gives a stronger sense of technology.

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