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Retro Knitting - A salute to classic

In the fall of 2021, the revival of tradition, retro and handicrafts will bring the classic back again.

On the premise of maintaining the original style, exploring more sustainable ways to interpret classics has become a necessary way to conform to the trend. The retro trend is still prevailing, and the updated retro sweaters are more suitable for modern young consumers.

Retro diamond pattern

After iteration of classic and retro plaid elements, it can also be worn in a sense of young girl! Make a diamond pattern on the sweater, and combine it with fashionable elements such as color matching and irregular design to make check sweater become a good tool for youthful-looking in autumn and winter, emobodying the vitality of young girls.

Craft-style stereoscopic crocheting

The use of exquisite stereoscopic crocheting and clean color matching conveys a retro and romantic atmosphere.

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