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How Much Do You Really Know About Halloween?

Have you noticed some changes in your streets lately? Spider webs covering buildings and scary lanterns laughing at night. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner! It’s about the time to pick your Halloween costume, get excited! You think you know what Halloween is all about, but you might not, not really. Let’s take a look at the various Halloween traditions and where they originally came from.

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As one of the most popular festivals on the earth, Halloween’s origins date back more than 2,000 years. The origin of Halloween is rooted in a Celtic festival called Samhain, which was celebrated by ancient Celts all over Europe. In the Celtic culture, Samhain marked the transition of different seasons. It means the end of summer and the beginning of winter, also, the first day of the Celtic New Year. It was believed that the border between the living and the dead would break at Samhain, so people disguised themselves into other creatures to get rid of those restless spirits wandering on the street.

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It is interesting to notice that the name “Halloween” was derived from the All Hallows' Eve, also known as the evening before All Saints' Day. So why a festival  originated from the Celtic culture was named by a Christian day? Well, in the 11th century, Christianity scheduled the last day of October as a holiday to re-frame pagan celebrations as its own. And when the Celts converted to Christianity, many of their traditions of Samhain include fancy disguises were inherited.


Though Halloween has long been associated with American culture, it was until the 18th century, when a large number of immigrants arrived in America, Halloween began evolving in this land and constantly incorporating cultural traditions from different parts of Europe. By the 20th century, the original connection of Halloween to religions and death was fade out. Gradually, Halloween turns into an entertaining celebration for both children and grown-ups, and costumes have become an inevitable part to show the Halloween vibes. Jack O’lantern, witches, spiders, skeletons, devils, ghosts are all typical elements of decoration. Monsters like zombies, mummies, and vampires are also popular costumes.

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Nowadays, Halloween costume is no longer a disguise to hide from the gaze of ghosts. It has become a carnival to express personality and cultural identity. For fashionistas, Halloween is a perfect time to make their style go viral. Halloween is quickly approaching and so is the stress of finding a costume. It’s OK if you still have no idea about your Halloween costume, we’ve got you covered! Check out the styling tips from us below and grab something that makes you the queen of Halloween.






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