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The Cape Clique AW 21/22 Color Highlights You Don’t Want To Miss

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1. Forest Wonderland: The green color of this season symbolizes vitality and growth, as green is often associated with new life and renewal. This calming color is strongly associated with mother nature, it has the power to create a sense of harmony, balance, and calm.


2. Denim Blue: Indigo blue always delivers a unique chic vibe no matter in a casual home occasion or street setting.Elegant, calm yet bold and bright, blue is perfect for bringing sunshine from spring and summer to fall and winter days.


3. Earth Tones: Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, the contemporary urban nomadic style is formed by mineral colors. Sand beige colors used as a new black to refurbish the fashion tone and enhance the retro vibe. The monochromatic outfit elicits feelings of power and elegance.


4. Fire Red: The color of red is one of the most intense colors at an emotional level, it can elevate emotions, increase visual tension, and it’s also great for calling attention. Burgundy has become a trendy color that fashion brands love to create a red charm of mature.


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