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Learn to wear from Y2K hot representatives!

Sexy and active

Spanish fashion blogger Sita Abellan often uses bold styles and elements full of visual impact to create a maverick image of "bad girl". The psychedelic print formed with fusion of highly saturated colors, hollow out style with extremely powerful aesthetic values, and the combination of a skinny crop tops and low-rise short-length mini skirt fully demonstrates the image of a current millennial hot girl with unique personal charm.

Comfortable and romantic

"CGI idol" Lil Miquela also follows this Y2K trend. Use the tank top, which combined with the psychedelic print of watercolor printing, the warm tone, full of active color, knitted material, to expresses the comfort and the feeling of laziness, bringing sexy girls' vacation outfit.

Youthful and daily

Y2K has a classic interpretation on Devon Lee Carlson. The crop tops and low-waist miniskirts could be seen everywhere in 2000,returning their unique fantasy and complicated letter printing to the daily wear of current hipsters. With youthful and lively retro atmosphere, they are sexy and full of millennial charm.

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