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How Cotton Impact the World

For a long time, people have never given up looking for suitable clothing fabrics. Although cotton seems common to use now, it was until the beginning of the industrial revolution that things began to change. 

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Cotton was grown on a large scale by the ancestors of India over 7,000 years ago. It was woven into fabrics and made into clothes. Westerners arrived in India at the end of the 15th century and brought cotton cultivation technology and textile technology back to Europe. In India, every step related to cotton requires labor. However, Europeans have been trying to reduce labor costs. Later, shuttles and spinning machines were invented one after another, followed by the first steam engine, Europe entered the era of industrialization.


The harvested cotton is processed and spun into threads. In the industrial era, the cotton went through the combined opening and scutching machine to remove seeds, impurities, and mix all the fibers, then it got carded into sliver through the carding machine. The next step was to draw the sliver so that the sliver is evenly mixed, and the output is still the sliver. After that, the roving frame drafted the sliver into roving, which is a thinner sliver. Finally, the spinning frame drafted and twisted roving into yarn. To sum up, the whole process of turning cotton into cloth can be divided into four sections, fiber production → sliver → yarn production →fabric production


Cotton fiber is the most widely used fabric for apparel in the world.

  1. Classified by composition: 100% cotton fabric, cotton blended fabric, interwoven cotton fabric.;
  2. Classified by process: yarn-dyed cotton fabric, plain weave cotton fabric, twill cotton fabric, satin cotton fabric, jacquard cotton fabric, knitted cotton fabric.


With excellent moisture absorption, cotton fiber fabric is anti-static, skin-friendly, warm, breathable, and not easy to wrinkle. Fibers can be identified through the smell of the smoke it gives off in burning, and the ash or melted bead that remains after it has burned.


Known for its versatility, natural comfort, and efficiency, cotton is used to make all kinds of clothing, the usage of cotton fiber fabrics is endless. By weaving cotton fiber, fabric such as denim, corduroy, canvas, plain weave, poplin, khaki, twill, cotton gauze, and various blending can be made and produced.

Left: Blue Denim Zebra Pattern Jeans

Right: Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Threaded Sweater


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