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Different Ways To Stretch Out Jeans!

Stretch Jeans mean eyeing for extra space in the waist, leg, foot hole, thighs, calves, or length. You require to work upon your jeans in two conditions - when it is shrunk in the wash or oversized. Do not leave your hopes, and donate your favorite jeans. Here are some easy ways to stretch out your favorite jeans.


How To Work On Oversized Jeans:

  • Hot Water Wash: Set the washing machine mode to hot water - the hottest setting to be precise. Also, do not use any fabric softener. You will get the best results if your denim is almost 100% cotton.
  • Hot Dry: Once you have completed the hot water wash set the dryer to hot mode. This heating process tightens the denim fibers and snugs your lovable jeans.
  • Make Use Of Elastic: A small piece of elastic (approx. 6") can be sewed into the inside of the waistband.


How To Work On Tight Jeans:

  • Warm Water Treatment: Use a water sprayer and spray warm water on the desired area. Lay the jeans on a flat surface. Now, literally bending over your jeans, pull the desired area with your hands. Follow this procedure when the jeans are wet. You can pull the jeans from any direction and, if, required apply lukewarm water once again.
  • Warm Bathing Treatment: One of the crazy but highly recommended treatments! Wear your jeans. Fill your bathtub with warm water (not hot!) This loosens up the threads and thus stretches them.
  • Waistband Removal: This requires a skill, which is not very difficult to acquire. Cut open the side seam - around 3 inches down and slit the waistband of similar length.


General Tips To Stretch Your Jeans:

  • Heat Jeans: Blow heat on those areas you want to stretch. Warm jeans can be pulled easily.
  • Foam Roller: Lay your jeans on a table. Wet from pocket to the knee - both the sides. Now, insert a foam roller for 10 minutes into the leg.
  • Repetitive Wear: If you use the same pair of jeans many times, you will get that desired result. You can also try this with your yoga jeans.
  • Squat Method: As you do your exercising definitely, you require lots of energy and methods to stretch out jeans. What is the solution? Instead of toiling and boiling, you can opt for the best - Cape Clique Stretch Jeans or Yoga Jeans!


Benefits Of Cape Clique Stretch Jeans:

  • Blended With Additional Comfort Level & Trendy Look: Cape Clique is made with an elastic fabric that is slim and not very heavy. Perfect warm-wear attire for this summer. Stretch Jeans are more comfortable to wear. Wear stretch jeans or yoga jeans and a floral-designed short top to flaunt your beautiful slender legs and sexy buttocks!
  • Customize Fitting: The jeans sold by Cape Clique are perfectly sized as per your waist. Just select your waist size and your stretch jeans or yoga jeans will fit as if it is custom designed, exclusively for you.
  • Easy Maintenance: Stretch Jeans are next to No Maintenance Jeans! The main reason is the mixture of elastic material and denim gives a very soft and low maintenance cost.
  • Superior Quality Raw-Materials: Cape Clique is renowned for making its products with high-quality raw materials. Stretch jeans and yoga jeans contain very high-grade denim, polyester, and other fabric.
  • Free Movements: As it is a stretch fabric, you do not have restrictions to move your body. Not only can you use them at your workplace but also during exercising. Without any fear, you can bend over with stretch jeans. Squatting and splitting are beyond perfection with stretch jeans. Irrespective of any body shape, stretch jeans have extra tolerance of body shape. With the legs crossed at the ankles and knees bent outwards stretch jeans do not make your cross-legged position uncomfortable.
  • Pass Range Of Motion Tests: Cape Clique assures their stretch jeans and yoga jeans to pass various types of body motion tests. Range of motion means the flexibility of different body joints. Wear stretch jeans and assess the range of malleable motion tests. You can stride a very long distance without any discomfort.

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