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Creating Iconic Ripped Jeans!

What Exactly Are Ripped Jeans?

Denim Jeans with a cut, slash, tear, or Rips are termed Ripped Jeans. Necessarily these rips are on the knees but can be on any other positions on the jean.

There are three main categories of Ripped Jeans:

  • Natural Rip:Frequent use of the denim garment can cause natural rips due to wear and tear.
  • Ripped By The Owner:The owner decides to rip the jean, as per his choice of locations. This is a purposeful act to follow the latest fashion trend.
  • Ripped During Manufacturing: On purpose, some well-known fashion brands, like Cape Clique, rip the jeans during their manufacturing process, and give trendy look to the garment.

Ripped Jeans can be of different types like Bare Legs Jeans, Huge Cut Jeans, Sequel Ripped Jeans, Skinny Jeans, etc.


How To Rip Jeans Like A Professional?

Rip jeans sound very attractive attire to wear but creating iconic ripped jeans is not very easy. It requires perfection and some precision tools to get that unique rip on your denim. Some people like big airy rips, while others prefer delicate small rips, on their knees.

We have developed 5 easy Do-It-Yourself modes. You can create your ripped jeans at ease if you follow these modes by assembling some easily available tools:

Testing Mode:

To commence with the actual work on your favorite jeans, it is advised to rip one of your old jeans first. "Practice Gives Birth To A Pro". Locate your old pair of pants or try to get one from any adjacent charity shop to work upon. Remember, you should never ignore this step.

Washing Mode:

Yes, once you gain confidence with the old pair of denim, give that desire aged' look by washing your new jeans. Not once, but many times. You can use bleach powder to dilute the bluish color and get that rough, wear and tear look.

Marking Mode:

Get one chalk, pen, or dress pin, to mark where exactly you want to rip it. Follow this step by wearing jeans. Depending on the thickness of your denim and nearness to your skin you can either use a pen, but we recommend chalk as the most appropriate marker. Now, lay your jeans flat on the floor. It will be easy to see the chalk lines made by you.

Actual Working Mode (3 Steps):

Different tools have different functions, and the appropriate use will give that authentic ripped look. You will require Steel Wool, Foot File or Pumice Stone, Sand Paper, and Cheese Grater. Sharp nail scissors will give that precise hole. Here, it is important to protect the back of the jeans. Slice in a small cardboard piece to protect the back part. There should not be any kind of symmetrical look to the rip or cut you make. We aim to give a natural look.

Now, you have to be precise in your work. Use either a penknife or scissors and scrape down the desired part horizontally. As soon as you see the white threads, stop scraping. Pluck out the threads sporadically with the help of tweezers. Cutting the threads with sharp scissors will give you a perfect hole.

Last but not least - take hold of your pumice stone, sandpaper, or grater and rough up the adjacent areas like a pocket or ankles. Roughing up these areas will give that accurate wear and tear look naturally.


Why Is Cape Clique Considered To Be An Excellent Ripped Jeans Manufacturer In The Fashion Market?

Two young people will have lots of thinking similarities. Similarly, Cape Clique is a cluster of young and enthusiastic young people having common interests and hobbies - especially in developing the latest fashion trends.

  • The entire range of denim clothing is designed and produced by our professional design team. Our entire team is skilled and carry up to date knowledge about the latest marketing trends, especially in the ripped jeans industry.
  • Cape Clique is recognized to launch the latest street styles across the globe and set them as the current fashion trend with a tag line of - "Affordable Prices For Entry Level Luxury Quality"!
  • Our brand goes synonym with Gen Y/ Gen Z young girls, who expresses their bold and sensual attitude. Cape Clique's motto is to reconceptualize the regular fashion movement by maintaining the love for denim and reinventing the latest trend to break the routine fashion drive.
  • All the fashion products presented by Cape Clique are unique and adheres to the use of eco-friendly biodegradable natural fibers. Thus, the ripped jeans you wear are absolutely non-hazardous to your skin.
  • Cape Clique also uses the latest laser technology and light discoloration method to create highly alluring fabric designs blended with various color combinations.
  • All our ripped jeans and skinny jeans are highly elastic, giving the utmost comfort level to the wearer. And, you can also wear it during your yoga sessions.
  • A unique pattern of lacey denim makes our ripped jeans more attractive.


Here is one of our unique ripped jeans products - Ripped Green Inside Denim Slight Stretch Jeans depicting the latest fashion trend! It is available in all sizes - from S through XXL in Blue color. Slightly stretch elastic assures height in comfort and comprises 95% Cotton and 5% Polyester with a medium thickness.


One more item worth mentioning is Lined Skinny Medium Stretch Jeans - Zipper Letter! Blended with 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester is one of the highly comfortable jeans to wear. It is assured with medium stretch elasticity and medium thickness. It is an example of perfection beyond improvement.

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