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2022 Jeans Trends

The eternal fashionable jeans pop up again, among the most popular materials in various combinations for the season of 2022. Here are the main trends for the 2022 jeans.


Color & Patchwork

The good news is that the classic, retro blue jeans still remain number one in popularity. Both when it comes to the famous classic color, and the cut. Yet, we will see next year an occasional accent of pastel blue which renders ease and carefree feelings. The fabrics are softer, flowing towards a delicate vibe. This happens due to the chemical treatments that the denim goes through.
Another specific element for 2022 jeans is the multitude of seams on pants, jackets, etc. Besides the aesthetic effect, this trend also increases the product's durability.
Designers played a lot colored jeans and stitched jeans for the next year with geometric interwoven patterns, made with patches of different colored denim. The overall aspect of the jeans goes towards a more refined and detail-abundant style.

Wash Texture

Denim style is greatly influenced by the washing water. It can make the difference between the success or failure of your jeans' fashion. The industrial washing techniques, which are numerous, are a 2022 favorite method to create visual patterns on denim. You will see the same playful designer disposition when it comes to creating water textures. Thus the 2022 denim becomes particularly fashionable and avant-garde, with unique patterns that let you choose a product best fit for your unique style.


Texture jacquard

Another power trend of 2022 is the textured jacquard. This tendency also follows the elegant, sophisticated, and classic direction. Prepare yourself for lots of simple patterns, predominantly abstract geometry, and logo repetition patterns, going even towards more complex refined graphics. You might even see the more complex paisley pattern, here and there, as long as it follows the elegant cut and placement.
Everything about the 2022 jeans tendencies revolves around elegance mixed with modern times, with a touch of feminine romance flow.

Popular Products

Although there is a lot of retro and vintage vibes, one of the trendiest jeans models for the next year is cutting edge new. It gives almost an intriguing feeling. You can't really quite understand how having this retro, romantic vibe you still feel extremely modern and futuristic. It is also versatile, as you can match this model with various blouse and shoe styles and cover most events during one day. You can also go for a more sporty model, which however never gives up on the feminine, romantic vibe. Although fit for day wear, the different color denim insertion will still bring an elegant note to your entire attire.


Environmental Protection, Still the Major Trend of 2022

Beyond bringing you the most trendy jeans, Cape Clique focuses on one central trend, that never fades away, never gets silent. It is all about sustainability. Cape Clique is an eco-friendly brand. It provides denim products primarily made of biodegradable fibers, all-natural and hazard-free. Everything starts with the concern of bringing comfort to the planet and your body. The preferred material is cotton and other fabrics that absorb sweat and allow your body to breathe.
Cape Clique brand has prepared for 2022 the trendiest jeans, which combine elegance, comfort, and sustainability.

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